Pokémon Card Mystery Box (Extra Large)

Pokémon Card Mystery Box (Extra Large)

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This mystery box is designed specifically with avid collectors and pokemon enthusiasts alike in mind. Like always, we keep our booster packs to a minimum, instead favouring more exciting and rarer singles (however, this can be customised). Nevertheless, this box contains up to 9 packs!

When we made this box, we had the collectors in mind, thus the contents which are in these boxes include some of the most exciting and worthy investment opportunities we could find guaranteed to beat high street RRP prices since we buy in bulk from official suppliers.

This box also guarantees anywhere from 3-8 EX/V/GX/BREAK/Full art/Secret rare cards (dependent on the other contents in the box)!

This box contains a 1/5 chance of a graded card.

Note: Graded cards can be from PSA, Beckett, CGC & GetGraded

This box also contains chances to win:

1/2 chance of Pokemon Celebrations packs
1/6 DC/Marvel pre 1980 comic, courtesy of our famous nostalgia box
1/9 pokemon playing mat
1/12 pre-2004 graded card

Here is roughly what your box will look like:

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